So, me and my friends got together and made this music/film. It's crazy because the time between initially creating this and today being the day it has much has happened. We are all on our individual life paths, but for this moment me and my brothers got together and made art. That is what this truly From ID masterminding (whats up Peas), to Kash Martin creating the soundscape, to Roy Myles bringing the visuals, to Plus, Chuuwee, NPire, and myself giving you nothing less than the best when it comes to this thing called rap. I honestly feel like nobody can fuck with me or us on this rap shit. I stand by every word I said on my song on this project and everything I an currently typing. We might not be at the top of the world YET, but this shit aint over and honestly, me myself personally, am just getting started. Go grab your fine ass auntie who still likes rap and watch this. If you like it go to and order the whole set.